Life Design Series

This is a series of articles I write to help you build your life around meaningful work you enjoy doing. And it’s both for people who’d describe themselves as “completely lost," and those who’d say they’re “doing pretty well." That’s because we’ll be learning to examine our lives with a mindset and tools of a designer – someone who is good at finding and solving problems. We’ll use life design methods to:...

January 13, 2022 · 1 min · Ondrej Markus


Hi again, I’m Ondrej.

2 min · Ondrej Markus

I think we should chat. Do you?

Meeting people online is fun. Hit me with an email. Even if you just wanna say hi.

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What I'm working on right now

Learning to make games I spend most of my time these days learning how to make video games in the Godot engine Showing my work in videos I share videos on Youtube every week or two that documents my progress I invest a ton of time into it because I want to improve as a storyteller Prototyping my game-based education program I’m using Minecraft to iterate with the first cohort of kids before I can make my own games for the program Teaching entrepreneurship at Innovation Lab (CZ) co-creating an entrepreneurship seminar with Jan Vesely at the Charles University in Prague (remotely) The spring semester started mid February so I spend 3-4 hours every week mentoring students and/or facilitating workshop

1 min · Ondrej Markus