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I'm a generalist, introvert, gamer, and optimizing to be useful.

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Write to learn better

How to use writing to improve at any skill

Write to learn better

Every week, I tell myself: “Today, I will make my life easier and write about something I know well."

It never works.

Because, to me, writing is a process of figuring out what I actually think about the topic. So I don’t know what I’m going to say until I start writing.

My 5-step article writing process

My 5-step article writing process

I both love and hate this unpredictability. It makes writing an adventure. It’s full of exploration and learning, which is fun until it’s 10 minutes to midnight on the day of the deadline.

I hold myself accountable to a schedule because otherwise, I wouldn’t finish anything. So I share one article every Tuesday and Thursday. And I confess: It gets sweaty sometimes.

Me every other publishing day…

Me every other publishing day…

Use writing to improve at anything

But you don’t need to be a writer or have a schedule to benefit from writing. You can use writing to improve at any skill you care about.

Everyone should have a digital garage where they can bounce ideas around. And writing is the easiest tool to use for that.

Writing is a remarkable learning tool because it has a fast feedback loop. You put your ideas into words and see them immediately on the page. Then, you watch whether what you said is working or not: Is it clear? Is it true?

You’d think that writing true things goes without saying. Not really. I often catch myself not believing what I put down on my first or second try. So I delete and start again until I believe what I say.

Me unsatisfied with my own logic

Me unsatisfied with my own logic

Write as if you were teaching

Write as you were teaching a friend, even if you write only for yourself. It will help you learn better because you will need to explain things as if you saw them the first time.

It’s hard. And it’s also the fastest way to realize you know less than you thought about everything.

When writing makes me realize I understand nothing

When writing makes me realize I understand nothing

But that is what makes the process so effective: Writing helps you find gaps in your understanding and patch them up.

People don’t have to read your writing for you to learn from the process. You can pretend there are readers and get all the benefits.

The writing process alone helps you improve because it improves your ability to think clearly .

How to start writing today

I will leave you today with five writing practices you can try right now. They work well for different purposes. Choose what fits your needs and go with that: