2023: Playful beginnings

What the work happened: Q1 + Q2 2023

2022: Unanswered questions

Building games to train problem-solvers

What the work happened: Q3 2022

Let's talk games

What the work happened: Q2 2022

Why don't I do what I say I want

What the work happened: Q1 2022

Prime your mind for better decisions

Use overcompensation to find your balance

Leverage your money-making potential

The best thing money can buy

Why you should go broke

What's your money motivation?

Fund yourself

What if you made money 1 day a week?

How to turn bad days around

Feelgood journal

Finding yourself as you go

Creative routine: How to do your best work as a creator

Write to learn better

Work with your garage door open

Daily Design: Template for winning your day

Train your brain to be optimistic

Become an expert on yourself

The power of being lost

Design your lives

Find meaning

Follow joy

Start where you are

Do the most important work first

How to get unstuck

Write public reflections

2021: The Courage to Try

Get from idea to paying customers in 4 weeks

4 ways to do a year reflection

Be bad to get good

#21: Output routine

#20: How I do my monthly review

#19: Big messy projects

#18: Rage

#17: Killing my Youtube habit

#16: When introvert goes super social

#15: How to write books as a designer

#14: Find work you enjoy, useful books, and the courage to create

#13: Habits, The Mom test, and being useful

How to be as useful as you can

#12: Bad weeks, systems, and the power of being lost

#11: Rational artists, money, and articles as prototypes

Rational Artist - The ideal way to work

#10: Find freedom, work on the right thing, and enjoy life

#9: Build a profitable side project, ignoring Twitter, and daily notes

#8: Bleeding money, weekly emails, and becoming a solopreneur

The Full-Stack Freelancer – A new approach to work

What the work happened #7

The fear of being a failure

What the work happened #6

What the work happened #5

Make something you want to exist

No meetings before noon

Be less responsible

Self-determination triangle: Framework for a good life

I will try writing 100 articles in 100 days

What the work happened #4

Test your idea in 280 characters

Speed drafting: How to write an article in 25 minutes

Morning Pages: My favorite journaling method

Find a productivity system that works for you

What the work happened #3

3 levels of becoming an innovator

How to become an innovation designer

What the work happened #2

What the work happened #1

2020: My ballad for bad work

Imagine change is possible

Go to school but learn yourself

Build something that doesn't work

The 85 % rule: Be the best by trying less

Try this counter-intuitive approach to creative work

How to find the right time to quit

My 7 rules for journaling

Make your own mentors

I disagree with everything I write

How to find meaningful work